We respect your privacy. In short, we only collect your email address if you ask us to, we don't sell it to advertisers or other third parties, and we only share information via Twitter when you specifically ask our apps to do so.


You may add your email address to a notification list at our web site. We will use this list of email addresses to notify our customers of updates or changes, as well as any news of general interest relating to our apps. Our email to you will always include an opt-out link, which will automatically remove you from our list.

Web Browser Cookies

We use web browser cookies to store a browsing session for convenience and to provide Google web analytics. This session and cookies will record information about your visit to the site; they are used to help us understand how people use our site so we can improve it.

Web Readings

If you use the iOS app Beautiful Tarot to save a reading online, the site at is sent information about the cards you have laid out, the screen scale of your iOS device, the time zone you are in, as well as any personal meanings you may have added to the cards that are face-up. This information is used to recreate your current card reading in a web format, ready for sharing with others via Twitter in the form of a short link. No personally identifiable information is included in this web reading unless you yourself have included such information in your personal card meanings.

Sharing Information

We do not provide your email address or name to any third parties unless required by law to do so, or if we believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of you or others, or to protect our legal rights. If Jonathan Miller Technology LLC is merged with, or its assets are acquired by another entity, this information will change ownership and you will be notified accordingly if you have provided your email address to us.

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